Description: Mod has: GoPro -Kamera -moda Be filthy (dust) -moda Is washable -light shine -Realną scale -Realną power -Realną speed -Realny sound -Zostawia tracks -Kurz Under the wheels -Lusterko -Farmer FS15 bugs: -No Icons in the store Credits: Model:? MF 255 FS15:? Konwert model DEATHdriver  

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        Description: Mod has: -Realną Scale -Realną Speed -Realną Power -Realne Sounds -Animacje Almost everything -Add And subtraction of gas per key -Rura Opened after the exit of the car -All Flap opening with key approach -Zdejmowanie And setting up tents for the forager on the button when approaching -the Distribution and filing forage […]

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  • Lubelska Dolina Map

    Lubelska Dolina Map

      Description: * Cows * Sheep * Hens (feeding and watering) * WaterMod * Machines to start * Silos for sawdust, beets and potatoes * Silos for grains * buying fields * Garden shop * Store farming * 1 village * 1 gospodartwo * several small farms * Sawmill * Purchase of sawdust * Purchase […]

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  • Steinfjort Map v 1.0

    Steinfjort Map v 1.0

        Description: The Steinfjort map V1 is a converted Bjorn Holm map with new textures and eingbauter pig and cattle fattening. Since this is my first Map please not as strict review. Since the trigger will not work from the mast stables with me I have them removed and the gates in GE moved […]

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  • Ursus 914 by pawlo 101299

    Ursus 914 by pawlo 101299

        Description: Mod has: – Mod plowing – Opening the door – Opening rear window – Sliding roof – Rooster – The panel auxiliary num 0 – Movable tip RPM – Movable tip fuel level – Mod Passenger – Animation course – Console round – Front hitch – Dark fumes – LED lights – […]

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  • Ursus 1224 Turbo [GR Mokrzyn]

    Ursus 1224 Turbo [GR Mokrzyn]

        Description: Features: – Mod plowing (working properly on Pathu 1.3) – Panel IC (open doors, roof, rear window) – Animation steering, rear Lifting – Full animation front Tuz – Twin wheels rear assumed to approach key R (outside the tractor) – Attach round Stoll (console assumed to approach key R) – Ability to […]

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  • UAZ 3909 TRUCK v 1.0

    UAZ 3909 TRUCK v 1.0

        Description: Russian 4×4 car. Max speed 52 km/h, good acceleration. Working lights. You can open/close doors with num keys. Working attachment joint, so you can use it to move trailers. Credits: Arseniy 1998; edit:  

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      Description: -Map Has / Map Have: -Krowy / Cows -Kury / Chikens -Owce / Sheeps -Soilmod -moda Manure, lime, septic / Mod manure, lime, liquid manure -Dynamiczny Area / Dynamic Terrain (multi terrain) -Byki 2X / beefs 2X -Świnie / Pig -7 Playable farms / 7 farms -Skup / Purchase -Realną Straw / Realistic […]

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  • Country Of Fruits Map V 1.0

    Country Of Fruits Map V 1.0

        Description: Mach longer break did you a very hilly 4x Map. She is a Multifruit Map with many fruits (28). To Map: – were built Mod water – drinking cows – sheep Pigs – cattle fattening Feed stores Wollecolector Manure storage BGA If stem loop Malwerk triticale Soybean Millet flour = Malwerk BGA […]

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  • John Deere 6150M V 3.1

    John Deere 6150M V 3.1

      Description: Animated steering Animated fenders Tire Traces Full lighting Animated Hydraulic Wheel Particle Dynamic Exhausting System Opening doors and rear window with IC buttons RPM and Fuel Tank indicator Moveable rear attacher Credits: Timber131,Bigfarmer145,Bjr Modding,Templaer, Trabby76, Kondziu25,Roller90,JD Fan,Cayman V3.1 Edit: OfTheSun  

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  • John Deere 9420 V 1.0

    John Deere 9420 V 1.0

      Description: Ploughing spec Real exhaust Beleuchtung Full lighting Physical camera Driving particle system Animated hydraulic Credits: YahooModding V1 Edit: OfTheSun  

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  • Bergfeld Map V 1.3

    Bergfeld Map V 1.3

      Description: V1.3 inserted -Metzgerei GRASS away at the points -Silageannahme Away at the station -Better performance -Hof enlarged built -Futterlager Located -Kollision from barn -better dirt roads -schönere vegetation Credits: -farming2001 -mailman -möchtegernbauer -KIK -martinbigM500 -vanillaice83 -Geneborg -SLJ-AGRAR -Wildfuchs -Silv3r -Mach1–Andy -Aerocool1 -M1800Power -Eribus -Freak36558 -Marhu -Bernascht -Andy1978 -El Cid -Fendtfan1 (Chris) -TuneWar […]

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  • Somewhere in Thuringia Map v 1.4 Wirtschaft Update

    Somewhere in Thuringia Map v 1.4 Wirtschaft Update

      Description: >>> Changelog v1.4 08/21/2015 Abbreviation will look great through because forest to field 20 / freight station (although forest is not purchased) -Gewäckshaus For the production of salad pallets -Obstfarm (Based on the factory script of Marhu) By Kastor -SchweineMast 5.0.0 -ViehMarkt 2.0.0 Field 15,18 and 24 slightly Vergößert -Kühe Not freeze at […]

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  • Old Westbridge Hills with soil mod

    Old Westbridge Hills with soil mod

      Description: The big problem is when you insert maps in map mode change folder name to Old Westbridge Hills Map and enjoy for map. Credits: Vin-Modding  

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      Description: Folk Hill Version 1.7.6 – both versions: Falling prices fixed in fattening animals. Prices are, however, no longer appear on the overview page. As an alternative, I recommend following Mod: Multi Overlay Mod Credits: RC-Devil: DüngerFabrik/Lager, Kompost Textur Marhu: Watermod, Milchtrigger. Mapsiloband, Stutzen, Woolpalettcollector Viehmarkt Sägewerk Marhu u. Mannie313: Mastanlagen GMK Mod Marhu […]

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